Friday, April 3, 2009

Kindest rejection letter yet

In seeking a full time position, versus being freelance, applying for meaningful part time positions to compliment my art and design business and appeasing my desire for an adventure I have received a few rejection letters.  All of which epitomized their purpose, rejection, except this one from Steelgrass Farm in Kauai:


Aloha Meegan, and thanks for your inquiry about the summer internships. Currently all positions for 2009 have been filled. We received a large number of applications, including many from people like yourself who are well qualified. We regret that we don't have enough places to accommodate all the people whom we would have enjoyed working with.


Best of luck in your endeavors, and please visit our Farm if your travels bring you to Kauai.



Steelgrass Farm


So this morning while reading my email and drinking a coffee I was able to smile instead of frown.  To remember that you never know until you take the risk and try.

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