Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loveswell Set - Amazing

So I have been in LA the past couple days with J painting the set for Loveswell, it opens tomorrow night, and it was a lot of work, but entirely worth it. If you would like something entertaining and beautiful to do Friday evening I recommend attending.
Below is an almost completed photo. At this point I still needed to outline the top or furthest wave and add some of my 3-D treatments. I really should have moved the ladder and closed the door on the stage, I am a much better designer + artist than photographer. Anyways I will post more photos after opening night.

I would also like to thank John Forston and everyone on the production team and at the Hudson for their help, support and positivity in regards to my work. Also to my parents and J, of course.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New art process: Serigraphy

Screen printing is by no means "new;" however, the process is new to me. I am taking a screen printing class at the UCSD Crafts Center. Below are my first two projects.

This one was made using paper as a blocker for the ink and the one below uses rubylith to create the image, lots of exacto blade magic.

The Loveswell print is actually a small note card. We were allowed to make six prints so four went out as invitations/reminders for the theater production. I kept one and the other I sent to John Forston, the actor of the performance, as encouragement.

The Stargazing print is based upon a sketch I did for a commission.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New business card

I finally ran out of my mini Moo Cards, everyone really liked them. Since I needed new cards, Loveswell opens soon, I made this design yesterday. I am designing the set of Loveswell and will have artwork up in the cafe attached to the theater.
The artwork on my business card comes from the pieces I sent to Anglet, France that I still have not discussed on my blog yet, but are posted on my website. I also decided to stick with one design versus the 100 images you can provdie Moo Cards, to have a standard sized card and have them made close to home by Santora Media Group. I cannot wait to see the physical cards. I also kept the information provided simple. I think listing my website and my email address is redundant, especially since my email states my web address. I also left out my phone number, I value my privacy and prefer writing it on the card when someone needs it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Entry for the Design for Humanity t-shirt contest

There are a lot of "art" contests out there, usually I equate them with doing spec work, work done without guaranteed compensation. Working this way is subservient and undermines the value of the art, which is why I choose not to complete this kind of work.

With all that said, I decided to enter the Design for Humanity contest sponsored by Billabong because I see it as a charitable way to put my creative talents to use, plus I had a good idea for a t-shirt.

Cave Paintings and the Human Spirit - KCRW

J sent me a link to listen to a KCRW Politics of Culture radio show that interviews David  Whitley.  It was informative and inspiring.  In our discussions about art we always come back to Cave Paintings as a basis of art that is successful and timeless.  John Berger, my favorite art critic, has an essay about cave paintings that broaches some of the same concepts.   I was finally able to fill in the gaps that I did not understand in John Berger's essay.   A portion of Berger's essay talks about the artist emerging - merging with the wall, I did not realize it had more of a significance than being his personal interpretation.  In the talk they discuss the same idea, emerging from the wall, as an anthropological interpretation of the shamanistic capacities of Cave Painting.  They discuss other topics including a theory regarding the origins of creativity.  If you have a half an hour or so, take a moment to listen in.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday - now design and make

This weekend I tried something a bit different. I tried (key word here is tried) not to design or make stuff, pretty tough when it is what you do. I have been, still am, busy with freelance projects and they quickly become consuming. Since my "office" is just me and my laptop normal hours of operation do not apply.

So Friday evening we went out for sushi and watched a movie, I really like the warm colors in Darjeeling Limited.

Saturday morning I walked to the bakery and returned with chocolate croissants, not as yummy as in Paris, but still good. I blew glass on Saturday morning and made a nice cup, made something. Then I did my taxes, taxes are definitely not designing or making. I was a homebody that evening and indulged in reading a good book.

Sunday began with coffee and reading until.. I started playing with the colors I may paint the Loveswell set.

After that a few family Easter obligations. Since it was still windy we stopped at Seaside to draw, making again. J worked on his landscape composition and I made sketches for a commission, they turned out well.

The weekend came to a perfect end because we went surfing with our friends L and G. For awhile it was just us at the peak, the water is getting warmer, the wind backed off. We were all smiles, laughing and perhaps too much talking, the mantra "more surfing, less talking" did come up a few times. We even watched the sunset.

My experiment to not design or make this weekend, in a strict sense, did not work. I still made stuff and did a little color design. However, I was also not stuck in front of my laptop all day during the weekend. I was able to relax, surf and be with friends.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


J and I get to go to COACHELLA, amazing I have wanted to go forever. The great people at Global Inheritance contacted me yesterday and my painted recycle bin warranted two 3 day passes to COACHELLA. Still a little shocked, it was something they mentioned as a possibility.

Above is one side of the recycle bin I painted. Be on the look out for it at COACHELLA

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kindest rejection letter yet

In seeking a full time position, versus being freelance, applying for meaningful part time positions to compliment my art and design business and appeasing my desire for an adventure I have received a few rejection letters.  All of which epitomized their purpose, rejection, except this one from Steelgrass Farm in Kauai:


Aloha Meegan, and thanks for your inquiry about the summer internships. Currently all positions for 2009 have been filled. We received a large number of applications, including many from people like yourself who are well qualified. We regret that we don't have enough places to accommodate all the people whom we would have enjoyed working with.


Best of luck in your endeavors, and please visit our Farm if your travels bring you to Kauai.



Steelgrass Farm


So this morning while reading my email and drinking a coffee I was able to smile instead of frown.  To remember that you never know until you take the risk and try.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Global Inheritance:: Photos - COACHELLA SNEEK PEAK

I painted a recycle bin to be displayed at this year's Coachella.  Since M over at Global Inheritance has only shared "a sneak peek" of the bins, I will do the same..

This is the teaser M posted of my bin:

I can also add recycle bin to my list of strange items I have painted.  
Surfboards, San Pellegrino bottles, and clothing.