Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cave Paintings and the Human Spirit - KCRW

J sent me a link to listen to a KCRW Politics of Culture radio show that interviews David  Whitley.  It was informative and inspiring.  In our discussions about art we always come back to Cave Paintings as a basis of art that is successful and timeless.  John Berger, my favorite art critic, has an essay about cave paintings that broaches some of the same concepts.   I was finally able to fill in the gaps that I did not understand in John Berger's essay.   A portion of Berger's essay talks about the artist emerging - merging with the wall, I did not realize it had more of a significance than being his personal interpretation.  In the talk they discuss the same idea, emerging from the wall, as an anthropological interpretation of the shamanistic capacities of Cave Painting.  They discuss other topics including a theory regarding the origins of creativity.  If you have a half an hour or so, take a moment to listen in.

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