Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shirin's visit

My roommate's daughter, Shirin, came to visit for a week or so. It was fun we played Uno, hit around a balloon and went to the beach. It was good to pretend to be a child again for a little bit. Above is what I drew when we were drawing together at the kitchen table. We also made paper spyglasses and paper airplanes to color and decorate.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Brown Dress

This morning I painted the edge of my brown dress. Even with "Rebajas," summer sales, going on I have been abstaining from buying new clothes, the Euro is horrible against the US dollar. However, six months of the same clothes has led me to be creative... The dress is on the floor because it is still drying. Once it dries I will post another image of it.
The three framed paintings against the wall were supposed to be for an exhibition in Biarritz which has fallen through. Now I have to take their beautiful bulky selves home with me somehow.

Biarritz - last May

Jenni sent me this awhile ago.. I went to visit her in Biarritz for the Oxbow World Longboard Championships. The painting I am holding has sparked new ideas, actually a whole bunch of ideas that I am working with in right now in my studio/bedroom in Bilbao.
I only brought India Ink no colors, but I like its direction.