Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More than just posting artwork:

I would like this blog to become more than a posting of my artwork. I continue to find amazing blogs that I do like to look at, read and visit, www.shakasandsinglefins.blogspot.com/, http://swallowfield.typepad.com/, www.kjsdesign.blogspot.com/, http://lizcockrum.blogspot.com/ and the latest, http://creativehollycolor.blogspot.com/.

Which leads me to what this should become, I am really not sure.

There are some blogs I have found that post an illustration a day or where the author takes photos of themselves in crazy outfits. I think those concepts work because there is always new information. I think this should be my first goal: to post more regularly.

With all that said...

Below is an ink drawing I did while visiting a girlfriend when she was in Anglet, France last spring. She was very busy being a model, brand representative and surfer. While she collapsed for an afternoon nap, to prepare for the crazy evening ahead, I made this:

I sat outside on the picnic table working in pencil and then in ink. It could be my friend sleeping, it could be me. I do still feel like I am sleeping at times, waiting and wanting someone to wake me up.

There are always more layers to my paintings. It is difficult to peel them back to share the whole story. I think I prefer that people are able to make their own story or connection within my work, to keep parts of the story to myself. Which is strange because I do want to share. I think that is part of my impasse with a blog, how much to share.

(While looking for an image of this piece I realized I already posted it back in July 2008. Which made me want to erase the whole post. I decided not to, I re-read the old post and this one is more interesting. Also perhaps it is better to begin again with something old.)