Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday - now design and make

This weekend I tried something a bit different. I tried (key word here is tried) not to design or make stuff, pretty tough when it is what you do. I have been, still am, busy with freelance projects and they quickly become consuming. Since my "office" is just me and my laptop normal hours of operation do not apply.

So Friday evening we went out for sushi and watched a movie, I really like the warm colors in Darjeeling Limited.

Saturday morning I walked to the bakery and returned with chocolate croissants, not as yummy as in Paris, but still good. I blew glass on Saturday morning and made a nice cup, made something. Then I did my taxes, taxes are definitely not designing or making. I was a homebody that evening and indulged in reading a good book.

Sunday began with coffee and reading until.. I started playing with the colors I may paint the Loveswell set.

After that a few family Easter obligations. Since it was still windy we stopped at Seaside to draw, making again. J worked on his landscape composition and I made sketches for a commission, they turned out well.

The weekend came to a perfect end because we went surfing with our friends L and G. For awhile it was just us at the peak, the water is getting warmer, the wind backed off. We were all smiles, laughing and perhaps too much talking, the mantra "more surfing, less talking" did come up a few times. We even watched the sunset.

My experiment to not design or make this weekend, in a strict sense, did not work. I still made stuff and did a little color design. However, I was also not stuck in front of my laptop all day during the weekend. I was able to relax, surf and be with friends.

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Liz said...

see what happens when you try to stifle your wonderful creativity?! LOL - i like the results.

the color palettes you're considering for the Loveswell set are really nice. i think they'll add a bright, positive energy to the show without being too overpowering (which is probably good for a set so the actors can take the limelight?).

the sketches DID turn out very well! the first one is my personal favorite.